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Authorization for the Release of Information


First Name:

Last Name:

Social Security Number:

Student ID # (if known):

E-mail address:


I authorize Western Wyoming Community College to release the following information regarding my student status at WWCC (Check all that apply):

Information related to my admission, registration, grades, class attendance and other academic issues including  my transcript.

Information regarding financial aid (limited by what is protected by FERPA and can be authorized by the student).

Information on my student account (ie: cost of tuition, fees room and board, and payments made and amounts still due).

Demographic information on me including where I live, phone number, etc.

Other (please describe in detail below).

The above information may be given to:

First Name:    Last Name: 




First Name:   Last Name: 



I certify that this release was completed by the student (me).  Releases completed by any other party constitute fraud.

Submission of this information release constitutes the student's signature on the release.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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